Power Plant Inspection Services

When it comes to choosing power plant inspection services, it’s important to choose a company with a long history of integrity and reliability. Some of the top companies that provide this service include Intertek, Flyability, and TUV Rheinland. While each one of them has its own unique qualities and expertise, they all offer similar levels of protection and inspection.


Flyability is an innovative drone-based inspection service that can perform routine inspections and monitoring at nuclear power plants. Flyability’s drones have advanced technologies to help them minimize radiation exposure and maximize visual data collection. They are also equipped with LiDAR to gather detailed data in tight spaces. Furthermore, they are collision-tolerant, allowing them to fly in confined spaces without compromising safety.

The company has more than 300 clients in more than 30 countries. Its drones are used for power plant, public safety, and infrastructure inspections. In a recent interview with Robotics Business Review, co-founder and CEO Patrick Thevoz talked about the company’s vision and the challenges it faces as an inspection company.

Flyability’s drones can also perform indoor inspections. The technology allows the drones to access hazardous areas without disrupting operations. This allows Flyability to make more detailed inspections without having to shut down the equipment. Additionally, the drones can cover more ground in less time than a human worker can.


Intertek provides inspection, testing, and consulting services for power generation assets worldwide. Through these services, Intertek enables power plant operators to improve efficiency, increase profitability, and reduce business risks. The company’s services are available to power plant operators of all sizes, regardless of fuel type. Their comprehensive range of services covers all aspects of the energy supply chain, from generating electricity to supplying it to the end user.

Intertek’s services help power plants maximize the performance of their steam turbines and generators. These services can identify the components that are nearing their end-of-life, as well as determine if they are able to operate safely. This allows power plants to avoid costly forced shutdowns and unnecessary capital expenditures.

Intertek has the expertise and experience to help companies manage their operations during turnarounds. Such projects require high-quality material and equipment. As a result, it is essential to select vendors that are compliant and reliable. Intertek’s technicians can help companies manage complex supply chains, ensuring that the equipment and materials are compliant with the required standards and are delivered on time.

TUV Rheinland

Independent Third-party Inspection Services from TUV Rheinland help you ensure the safety of your power plants. Their comprehensive range of services includes acceptance testing, in-service inspection and technical control. Their extensive technical expertise and global reach allow them to provide detailed information on the condition of your plant.

RWE Power AG was looking for a qualified expert for its lignite power plant in Neurath, Germany. They turned to TUV Rheinland Power Plant Inspection Services to conduct third-party and on-site inspections of the new power plant. RWE Power AG is a leading German energy company that draws on a diverse energy mix and its own raw material base to generate energy.

The evaluation process takes place by identifying critical components and their failure modes. Experts from the customer’s maintenance team and our own team assess each component based on its material properties and degree of fatigue. This information is then stored in the evaluation database. Based on the results, we will recommend a course of action for the power plant owner.