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One of the best family time you can have is taking time off busy schedules from work and school to go for a holiday! While it is a treat, it doesn’t have to cost a bomb or require painstaking planning for an overseas trip. It can be spontaneous, fun and relaxing as well.With plenty of hidden gems waiting to be discovered, keep reading to find out where you can have a family holiday in Malaysia depending on your travelling style!

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Flight Reservations

As an IATA, ASATA and ANTA accredited travel agency Trip Travel offers cost effective flight reservations to all destinations. 


Trip Travel has a department which offers professional and timeous visa services. The department also advises clients regarding visa requirements and/or any other information relevant to a specific destination.

Incentive programme and other special services

Special programs sports tours, staff incentive programs, conferencing, etc. can be provided for. This could include soccer, rugby or any other sports packages.

“A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.”


Holiday Trip


“I wish you a ton of happiness, joy, and fun while you are on vacation! I hope you have a great time!”


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